Our popular Dog Day Camp serves Wake Forest with a large, fenced, grass yard complete with pools, climbable playground set, weave poles and more.  We've added cooling water misters and large, shaded areas to run under when the days are really warm.  Imagine your dog running, jumping and splashing around in a safe, supervised play yard with other dogs of similar size and play style.  After long periods of fun in the sun, your furry friend will get a chance to cool off, grab a snack and a drink and relax with a short nap in the comfort of our indoor, climate controlled day kennel

If the weather isn't suitable for outside play, either too hot, cold or rainy--no worries!  We'll just stay indoors and make the most of our indoor play yard and pool.  

If this sounds like something your dog would enjoy, you're probably right!  Camp de Canine at Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital is akin to daycare for children.  Our play yards have been creatively designed to provide your pet with social opportunities, mental stimulation and exercise in a safe, supervised environment.  We believe that stimulating environmental enrichment requires more than throwing a ball or supervising a game of chase.  Our staff strives to deliver an exceptional day of play for your pet so that when you arrive for pick up, your dog is ready to go home and relax with you, having had his/her play needs met for the day.  

For the safety of your pet, we require all dogs in Camp de Canine to be up=to-date on the following vaccinations: Current Rabies, Canine Distemper, Bordetella (within the last 6 months)  and Canine Influenza vaccinations, Fecal Exam and Flea-free

Attendance at Camp de Canine at Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital can be customized to fit your scheduling needs.  Camp passes can be  purchased daily or as multi-day packages.  The more you play, the less you pay! Please call today to schedule a tour of our facility and book your dog's day camp adventure.